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Acadia (map)

A Dare By the Sea: Following a beautiful crack above the sea, perhaps one of the best routes at Otter Cliffs

Adirondacks (map)

Matrix Direct, The Other One: Bones places a screw in the better ice

The Fecalator: One-arm hang, attempting to rest

Mystery Achievement: Will leading the beautiful 5.9 hand crack after a night of heavy partying

Posing with Lori

Hooligans: Tad, following the second pitch of Hooligans, Hurricane Crag

Kingdom Come: Jim climbs the first pitch (5.11c) of Kingdom Come; the route continues left, then climbs the broken arching rock rightwards to a belay

Creation of the World: Jeremy climbs the thin face past the bolt at the start (Copyright © Will Mayo)

Creation of the World: The crack turns to wide fists before becoming off-width just above (2nd pitch) (Copyright © Will Mayo)

Goats Foot: Jim leading Goats Foot, Poko

Hidden Pique: Jim high in the Hidden Pique corner, Poko (Copyright © Simeon Warner)

Bushido: Thin steep ice on Bushido, Poko

Positive Thinking: Close-up of Jim high up in the hand crack of Positive Thinking, first pitch

Midlife Crisis: Leading the top column of Midlife Crisis in cold, brittle conditions (Copyright © Ade Miller)

Waterfall: Tommy leading an ambitious line on the Waterfall with Katherine Snead

Hold the Mayo: Jim leading pitch 2 of "Hold the Mayo"

The Jackal: Setting pro high before climbing the crux; The Jackal overhangs gently for most of its length

Double Diamond: Climbing through the crux, Jeremy places more gear

Double Diamond: Grabbing the bucket past the crux

Fear and Loathing in Keene Valley: Series 3: Struggling with the crux of the route

It's Only Entertainment: Placing gear at midpoint on the diagonal crack

Ku Klux Ken: Awkard jams at the start of Ku Klux Ken

Ku Klux Ken: Chris powers through a couple strnuous moves

Ku Klux Ken: Pretty cool pinch hold

Ku Klux Ken: Laybacks near the top

Mental Blocks: Jim leading the second pitch of Mental Blocks, Wallface

Master Craft: Joe follows the steep initial pitch of Master Craft (led by Dennis unseen above)

Wind Jammer: Unknown climber high on Wind Jammer, a perfect splitter crack

Yellow Pillars: Joe gets established after the traverse and prepares to climb the overhanging ice above

Alabama Hills (map)

Muffy: Easy face climbing on plates with cool orange lichen

Pangborn: Looking like an ant on the face, Tommy runs up the endless plates to the anchor

Beautiful Alabama Hills

Angel Falls (map)

Rapping Little Angel; we led two routes here, one directly under the rappeller, and one to the right

Appalachian Trail (map)

Taking pictures in Vermont

Arapiles (Australia) (map)

Bouldering in the early morning light

Resignation: Jim leading steep rock on Resignation

Resignation: Martin at a belay on Resignation

Lamplighter: Jim and Martin at the top of the Pharos after completing Lamplighter

Arachnus: Martin at the third belay of Arachnus

Beaver Creek (map)

Batteries Not Included: Rappelling through the "eye" of the needle at the top of Batteries Not Included (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Batteries Not Included: Colin follows P1 of Batteries Not Included; crisp limestone

Ben Nevis (Scotland) (map)

The Ben as seeon from the approach (Copyright © Eric Gregory)

Descending the Ben toward the Red Burn area

Point Five Gully: Breaking through the cornice onto the flat summit plateau (Copyright © Eric Gregory)

Descending off the summit through intermetent white out (Copyright © Eric Gregory)

Bishop Creek (map)

West Face: Slab at the top of P3

West Face: In a warm puffy jacket at the P2 belay, Aspendell in the background; the vansion is parked in the pullout on the road above Colin's head

Blacktail Butte (map)

Inconceivable: Avoiding the snow in the high country, we retreated to Blacktail Butte and climbed a couple routes (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Blue Cloud Spires (map)

Rocks littering the field near our camp site

Rock hoping around the top of Elk Rock

The Road Goes On Forever: Super fun climbing on a freezing cold day (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

The Road Goes On Forever: Super fun climbing on a freezing cold day (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Rat King: Big buckets on steep rock, but piggin' cold (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Boracay (Philippines) (map)

Lucie being blown by the wind at sunset (she's actually doing a handspring)

Pretty sailboat and men repainting a boat hull at low tide

Castle Rocks (map)

Comp Rock, the other "big" rock at Castle Rocks

Catskills (map)

Mephisto Waltz: Bones dances up the wet and drippy Mephisto Waltz

Central Cordillera (Philippines) (map)

Rice terraces between Banga-an and Tanulong

The jeepney on the way to Batad became stuck, so we all grabbed our stuff and continued on foot

View of the rugged Batad valley and its rice terraces

Emiliano working on a bulul carving

View of coffins hanging on a cliff face in Echo Valley

View of coffins hanging on a cliff face in Echo Valley

Lucie plants rice with Gloria, a native of Tanulong

A man and his grandson take a break from working in the rice terraces

A man turns up the soil in a rice patty using a carabao (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)

Chamonix (France) (map)

On our last day, the sky cleared enough for us to see the surrounding peaks

Charlevoix-Est (Canada) (map)

La Pomme D'or: Will following the crux 5th pitch

La Pomme D'or: Will leading the 7th pitch

Chilliwack (Canada) (map)

Chilliwack mountains

Northeast Buttress: The summit of Mt. Slesse as seen from the east

Chimborazo (Ecuador) (map)

Lucie, modeling above 16,000 feet

City of Rocks (map)

Animal Cracker: Tommy shows his stuff at the start of Animal Cracker

Colossus: Moving through the initial bulge on big jugs

New York Is Not The City: Crimpy changeover in order to make the clip

Terror in Tiny Town: Jim grabs the better holds at the start of the route; the technical crux lies above

Tommy and Michelle drinking…how about a beer?

Michelle and Beverly hike into the area behind Parking Lot Rock

Sabbatical: Tommy belays Jim on Sabbatical

Looker: Crimpy holds on Looker

South Creek as seen from Flaming Rock; Bumblie Rock is right of center and Slabbage Patch is left of center

Intruding Dike: Tommy and Michelle climbing in the cold morning wind

Cochiti Mesa (map)

The Prow: Sending the super-overhanging Prow

Cody (map)

Mean Green: Joe climbs the crux pitch of Mean Green (WI5), belayed by Tommy

Colorado National Monument (map)

We nearly walked into some sheep on the way out…really!

Columbus (map)

Tommy happy out on the range

Colin trying to look all buff and stuff

Another view inside the Mother Ship

Cordillera Real (Bolivia) (map)

Southwest Face, Normal Route: High camp

Southwest Face, Normal Route: Llamas carrying gear to base camp at Laguna Negra

Southwest Face, Normal Route: Illampu (6368m) in Bolivia, taken from high on the ridge on Ancohuma (Copyright © Chris Wurster)

Southwest Face, Normal Route: Establishing base camp

Southwest Face, Normal Route: View of mountains from base camp

Southwest Face, Normal Route: Ancohuma (6427m) From Camp I. The climbing route we attempted ascends the ice fall to the rght of the picture onto the glacial plateau above.

Southwest Face, Normal Route: A view of Ancohuma (6427m) from high camp at 5600m. The climbing route we attempted crosses the glacial cirque towards the peak, then traverses right to a snowy ramp that is climbed to a plateau. From the plateau, the route turns left traversing to the base of a steep face, which is ascended up to the summit ridge, which is followed to the top. (Copyright © Simeon Warner)

Southwest Face, Normal Route: Enjoying the sunset at Camp I (Copyright © Simeon Warner)

Southwest Face, Normal Route: Llamas carry gear to/from base camp

Southwest Face, Normal Route: Camp II at sunset; everyone has already gone to bed in preparation for the climb (Copyright © Simeon Warner)

Three girls in Cocoyo

Expedition photo taken by a local in the town of Cocoyo (taken during the trek back from base camp to Sorata)

A family peels a field of potatos

Lucie doing some cleaning at base camp

Costa Blanca (Spain) (map)

Rowland's Magical Mystery Tour: Ben completing the traverse on the third pitch

Rowland's Magical Mystery Tour: Ian and Ben at the belay at the end of the third pitch

Cuenca (Spain) (map)

Sudor y Sangre: Climbing a beautiful orange corner system

Cuzco (Peru) (map)

Approaching Abra de Warmiwañusqa (Dead Woman Pass) at 4200m, a porter struggles under an enormous load of gear that tourists refuse to carry; this is the highest point on the Inca Trail

Machu Picchu in the early morning

Denali National Park (map)

Denali from Foraker base camp

Southeast Ridge: Arriving at base camp

Foraker as seen from the Kahiltna glacier

Devil's Tower (map)

Awesome Devil's Tower

Solar: Excellent corner jamming on P2

El Matador: Climbers on the famous P2 of El Matador. The woman following was barely able to make the stem.

Dolomites (Italy) (map)

Sassolungo towers from the height of the pass near the Sella towers

South-West Arete "Delagokante": John nearing the second belay on the South-West Arete of Delago Tower

Dragoon Mountains (map)

The Hands formation in the late afternoon light

View of the Dragoons from the west, with views of Whale Dome, Westworld Dome, Squaretop, and Rockfellow Group

Warpaint: Dennis leading the third pitch of Warpaint; this part is about 5.9

East Rosebud (map)

California Ice: Starting the first pitch (WI4) of California Ice

California Ice: Joe climbs the second pitch (WI4) in a snow squal

Returning from a failed attempt at Sand Dune Falls

El Rito (map)

Boltaneer: In a sea of knobs and cookie-chip chunks

Eldorado Canyon (map)

Blind Faith: Jamming through the final steep crack

Fisher Towers (map)

Stolen Chimney: Leading the corkscrew -- one of the wildest summits anywhere. The ropes are arched to the right due to strong winds

Franconia Notch (map)

Black Dike: Jim, just after the rock traverse on the Black Dike

Bennedictus Direct: Pulling the monster roof on the 5th pitch (Copyright © David Le Pagne)

Bennedictus Direct: Climbing the slab below the overlap on the 5th pitch (Copyright © David Le Pagne)

Bennedictus Direct: Bones at the crux of the first pitch; from here, the route continues [climber's] left on an unprotected 5.8 face

Bennedictus Direct: Bones runs it out on the thin 5.9 traverse on the 4th pitch

Bennedictus Direct: At the belay at the start of the 4th pitch, scoping out the pitch ahead (Copyright © Brian Post)

Bennedictus Direct: Following the 4th pitch (Copyright © Brian Post)

Bennedictus Direct: Taking a photo as Will leads the 4th pitch (Copyright © Brian Post)

Fruita (map)

Nikos climbs another hill on the lower section of Zippy Da Do Da

Guangzhou (China) (map)

Vegetables in the street market

Hawaii (map)

Lucie shows how it's done (Copyright © John Lawyer)

Hellgate Gulch (map)

Uncomfortably Numb: Tommy sending at Hellgate (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Weird Science: Colin leads up the awesome wall

Weird Science: Colin leads up the awesome wall

Melt Down: Not much difference between the 11s and the 9s on this wall (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Melt Down: Not much difference between the 11s and the 9s on this wall (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Uncomfortably Numb: Tommy sending at Hellgate (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Hong Kong (China) (map)

Danger sign…don't climb here!

The Arete: Jim at the belay on Catastrophe (Copyright © Eric Gregory)

Independence Pass (map)

Want some beans?

Indian Creek (map)

Sweden-Ringle: Chris sends Swedin-Ringle, making it look like 5.10

Cave Route: Near the top of the crack Colin finally gets a rest by stemming to the opposite wall

Ithaca (map)

Estes Point Pillar: High on the pillar the ice is fractured and thin, with water visible through the ice veil

Joshua Tree (map)

Flowering joshua tree (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)

Garden Angel: Weird layback moves up the arete of Garden Angel

Cryptic: Allen leading Cryptic

Wild Wind: Yvon nearing the top of Hidden Tower

The gang, gathered in Joshua Tree

John enjoying the conviviality at camp

Illusion Dweller: Low on the all time perfect crack

Rubicon: Jim and Allen on Rubicon

Double Cross: Following the all-time classic hand crack

Boogers on a Lampshade: After the crux; the next piece is the tied off chicken head visible just above

Figures on a Landscape: John traverses across to the first belay

Solid Gold: Tom sends Solid Gold

Kandersteg (Switzerland) (map)

The little town of Kandersteg surrounded by high mountains

Bäretritt: We climbed the rock on the left to avoid breaking the fragile pillar

Arbonium: Traversing left at the start of P2

Arbonium: Following the steep pillars of P2

Lake Willoughby (map)

The Last Gentleman: Leading the fragile third pitch of the Gentleman

The Last Gentleman: Climber leading the second pitch of the Gentleman in fat conditions

The Promenade: Will leading the crux columns of The Promenade

Reign of Terror: Reign of Terror as seen from The Promenade

Leavenworth (map)

Orbit: Kristy enjoying the perfect 5.9 flake on the third pitch

Little Falls (map)

Green Traverse: Bouldering on Moss Island

Lost Horse Canyon (map)

Our camp at Observation Point; it snowed…again

Lumpy Ridge (map)

Cheap Date: Leading the awesome finger crack of Cheap Date; this route makes a great alternative finish to Fat City

Romulan Territory: Climbing the crux bulge on the second pitch; the difficulty of this pitch is in placing gear, as it's thin and technical

Masai Mara (Kenya) (map)

Male elephant and approaching storm


Some bird, which type I've forgotten

Giraffe and baby



Lions feasting on a topi

Two impala sparring

Two white rhinos


Two crown cranes

Leopard in tree


Giraffe and baby giraffe

Sparring zebras

Nursing elephant

Mother and baby elephants

Jumping vervet monkey

Meteora (Greece) (map)

Es geht auch ohne!: Nikos rapping off the top

Pillar of Dreams: Looking down from the second belay -- a sea of knobs and pebbles

The town of Kastraki

The town of Kastraki with the distinctive Meteora towers in the background

Hypotenuse: Close-up of Aris and Fondas at a belay on Hypotenuse

Fingertip and Sky: Jim attempting a harder route (VIII+)

Mt. Kenya (Kenya) (map)

Enjoying the sunset, if not for the altitude sickness

Our camp near the Austrian Hut

Waking up to the sun at our camp near the Austrian Hut

Chris' tent near the Austrian Hut (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)

Bags of grains at the Chagoria market

Our camp at Hall Tarns near Mintos Hut (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)

The beautiful Gorges Valley with Mt. Kenya at the head (Copyright © Chris Yenkey)

Lakes at Hall Tarns near Mintos Hut (Copyright © Chris Yenkey)

Hiking through a forest of giant groundsel

Our descent to McKinder's Camp went around Point John; the summit of Batian is just behind

Normal Route: We soloed several pitches up to some ledges, then racked up here at daybreak

Normal Route: Hanging out on the summit; the clouds are already starting to develop for the afternoon snow

Normal Route: Racking up after soling a couple pitches (Copyright © Chris Yenkey)

Normal Route: Sitting in front of the Howell Hut (Copyright © Chris Yenkey)

Mt. Lemmon (map)

Looking towards Tucson from the top of the Iranian Wall

The Noodler: Dennis moving up to the initial roof on the Noodler

Mt. Rushmore (map)

5.9 Route: Colin follows small crimps in the rain (which turned to snow)

Narrows (map)

Mixed Emotions: Pulling over the crux of Mixed Emotions

Lock Tender: The initial chimney on Lock Tender

Lock Tender: Using technique to pass one of the overhanging overlaps

Needles (map)

Airy Interlude: Climbers on Airy Interlude (Copyright © Tad Welch)

Negros Island (Philippines) (map)

On top of the only climbable rock on Apo Island, you can see the beach where we had lunch and relaxed between dives

Some children playing at the beach on a small banca boat

New River Gorge (map)

Burning Calves: Burning it up on Burning Calves

Burning Calves: Burning it up on Burning Calves

Super Crack: Moving around the nose

Easy climbing in the midsection of the route

Cresenta: Tad traversing under the arch of Cresenta

Party In Your Mind: Joe partying on Party in Your Mind

Smooth Operator: Will placing gear in the super Smooth Operator

New Yosemite: Climbing the perfect hand crack of New Yosemite

Stuck in Another Dimension: Squeezing out of the chimney at the start; I thought this was the crux of the route

Anal Clenching Adventures: Tad having an adventure at the New

North Cascades (map)

West Ridge: Ade topping out on Forbidden

Coleman Glacier: Stuart, Jim, and Tracy lookin' tough on Mt. Baker

Fisher Chimneys: Stuart leading Winnie's Slide on the Fisher Chimney route

Ouray (map)

Skylight: Leave the security of the cave on the third pitch; the ice is very unstable here

Unknown: Leading an unknown line between the bridges…looks easy, but it's 4R

Tangled Up in Blue: In the gorge, in a sea of ice (Copyright © Nikos Kopidakis)

Owens River Gorge (map)

Expressway: In a sea of pockets near the anchor

Patones (Spain) (map)

Hasta Incluso: Jen reaches the first clip

Pinecliffe (map)

Frenzy: Once high in the corner, Nikos moves leftwards through the roof to the belay station

Pitcairn (map)

Men With Guns: Eric seconding on the first ascent of Men With Guns

Pompey (map)

The living room of our house

Quito (Ecuador) (map)

Street vendor selling tasty treats; that dude's about to kill Lucie (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)

RMNP (map)

South Face of the Petit Grepon: Climbing the 8th pitch, which is actually on the east side of the pinnacle

South Face of the Petit Grepon: Nikos at the Pizza Pan Belay

South Face of the Petit Grepon: Nikos leading the final pitch to the table-sized summit of the Petit Grepon

Cathedral Spires at dusk; the Petit Grepon is the thin needle-like summit above the large triangular face

Rai Lei (Thailand) (map)

Orange Chandeliers: Martin (again) on the crux of the first pitch of Ao Nang Tower (Copyright © Udsie Villarica)

Mai Pen Rai: View from the top of Mai Pen Rai

Chicken Muscle: View from the top of Chicken Muscle, looking towards East Rai Lei Beach

Chicken Muscle: View of Ton Sai Bay from the top of Chicken Muscle

Land of Smiles: Jim leading "Land of Smiles" on Happy Island (Copyright © Udsie Villarica)

The King and I: Jim, at the top of the second pitch of The King and I

Rai Lei Beach (Copyright © Udsie Villarica)

Topless women at East Rai Lei Beach (Copyright © Udsie Villarica)

Martin and Udsie looking for an available boat to return to Ao Nang (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)

Red River Gorge (map)

Rock Wars: Tad climbing one of the most aesthetic climbs on the planet

Tad behind Miguel's, after a heavy night of drinking

Red Rocks (map)

Prince of Darkness: Allen crimping high on the Prince

Running Man: Unknown woman leading Running Man

Rifle (map)

Feline: Amazing climbing, no route finding here due to the chalk (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Rumor Has It: Fierce and strenuous laybacking

Rock Garden (map)

U2RINXS: Traversing to the arete

Salmon River Falls (map)

Mate, Spawn, and Die: Finishing the crux column, about to dry tool to the finish on rotten shale

Mate, Spawn, and Die: Series 4: Climbing into the crux, the ice hangs free from the rock above

Mate, Spawn, and Die: Series 6: Placing bomber protection before moving into the free hanging columns

Mate, Spawn, and Die: Jeremy climbs the stellar line in fat conditions, belayed by Leslie

Play It Again, Salmon: Chris reaches the first bolt on top of the steep ice on the second ascent; the route continues to the right onto a ledge (the one with the icicles), then pumps through three large roofs to the rim

Play It Again, Salmon: The first ascent of Play It Again, Salmon -- on the steep, free-standing pillar at the bottom of the route (Copyright © Keith Robison)

Play It Again, Salmon: The first ascent of Play It Again, Salmon -- overview of the entire route (Copyright © Keith Robison)

A Pitch Called Wanda: Bones climbs through the crux of the route -- overhanging daggers and curtains

King Salmon: Emerging from the ice cave, Bones continues

Play it Again, Salmon: Tommy runs it out over the initial section

Play it Again, Salmon: Spectacular climbing on the 100' free standing ice column

Play it Again, Salmon: Chris belays Tommy while he places a screw

Slappin' The Salmon: Mike first ascent, center section of the main falls

Slappin' The Salmon: Mike first ascent, center section of the main falls

Emergency Release: Jim leading an unnamed column on the wall left of the main falls

Emergency Release: The columns of ice along the canyon rim (right of the Main Falls) form into fat and challenging climbs late in the season

Shale We Climb: Tad attempting to lead the first pitch of Shale We Climb

Shale We Climb: Pumping through the opening roof

Salmon Steak: Tad following the main downstream flow

Sashimi: Simeon on the first ascent of Sashimi; doesn't look like it, but water is running into his boots

Seneca Rocks (map)

Castor: Jeremy stylin' on Castor

Castor: Shoulder dislocation on Castor

Pleasant Overhangs: Joe lookin' out; I can be seen in the reflection

Sept-Îles (Canada) (map)

Le Mulot: Will leading the third pitch (WI6); lots of twisted-looking overhanging ice

Le Mulot: The third pitch of Le Mulot; the overhanging cliff and constant wind work to create the painfully contorted, yellow icicles on the right

Shawangunks (map)

Lichen' The Lip: Leading a first ascent of a route to the right of Resistance (5.11?)

Black Crack: Will leading Black Crack, a nice 5.10 crack left of Lost City Crack

Cars That Eat People: Series 3: Moving through the crux of Cars that Eat People

Cars That Eat People: Series 5: Moving through the crux of Cars that Eat People

Resistance (aka Surprise Crack): Will at the "pod" crux of Resistance

Stannard's Roof: Leading the 5.8 section up to the roof

Harvest Moon: Series 2: Moving through the crux jams (Copyright © Will Mayo)

Swing Time: Series 6: A toe hook allows one to grab the horizontal further left (Copyright © Will Mayo)

Foops: Pulling through the lip of Foops

Scare City: Messing up a tenuous clip on Scare City

Max Factor: Clipping the second piece of gear at the start of the crux (Copyright © Will Mayo)

Foops: Jim following the first 5.9 section of Foops

Retribution: Close-up of Joe climbing the crack above the crux on Retribution

MF: Tom clearing the second crux on MF, pitch 1

Directissima: Jim leading the second pitch of Directissima

MF: Dick on the mega-classic MF

Matinee: Series 3: Jim moving past the crux on the first pitch of Matinee

10,000 Restless Virgins: Series 6: Lock off and reach high in the crack above (Copyright © Will Mayo)

Modern Times: A climber makes his way up the first pitch

Scary Area: Chris boulders the opening moves on the direct start of Scary Area; Bones offering support from below

Scary Area: Placing the first piece of gear in the horizontal

Space Invaders: Scoping out the moves above

Space Invaders: Moving up the initial arete on Space Invaders

Matinee: Series 1: Starting the difficult traverse moves beneath the roof

Matinee: Series 3: Snagging the bucket at the end of the traverse

Susie A: Bouldering up the start of Susie A (5.10+)

Sheep Mountain (map)

Standard Route: Relaxing on top of Devil's Thumb

Standard Route: Belaying Tommy with fingerless gloves

Babies On Fire: Making the crux face moves at the bottom of the route (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Shelf Road (map)

Bacher Against The Wall and Kauk Her: Close-up -- Grabbing the jug after the tenuous opening moves

Sinks Canyon (map)

More Gunky Than Funky: In the steep corner of P1

Smith Rock (map)

Ten Gallon Buckets: Climbing giant huecos

Karate Crack: Allen following midway up Karate Crack

Karate Crack: Jim jams his way up one of the few cracks at Smith

South Dakota Needles (map)

West Gruesome: With rain starting, Jim does a quick rap into the chimneys (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

View of the Cathedral Spires, as seen from the top of the Totem Pole

Hitching Post: Colin sitting on top of the Hitching Post

Tricouni Nail: Leading out of the corridor up the back side of the Tricouni Nail (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Tricouni Nail: Anchored to the top of the Tricouni Nail (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

A view of the Ten Pins, as seen from the top of the Totem Pole

Totem Pole: Standing on the sub-spire just after the crux

Totem Pole: Rapping the Totem Pole

Totem Pole: On the summit of the Totem Pole

Totem Pole: On the summit of the Totem Pole

South Platte (map)

Deception Past: Stemming into the crux corner

Deception Past: Clipping the #1 Camalot

Deception Past: Reaching the belay on the first pitch of Deception Past

Spearfish Canyon (map)

Sundrops: Climbing in the snow (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Telluride (map)

Bridalveil Falls: Jim starting the third pitch of Bridalveil Falls

Ten Sleep Canyon (map)

The canyon, low down, near the Home Alone area

Beer Bong: Stemming the funnel at the top of Beer Bong (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Positive Identification: Wicked good climbing up this arete (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Positive Identification: Super cool climbing on pockets (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Warewolves in London: Pullin' down on pockets (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Orange Likin' Delight: Pullin' on jugs up the arete

Cool detached spire with several routes

Tennessee Wall (map)

Crash Position: Sunset and still can't get enough; Tad climbs the runout arete of Crash Position

Tetons (map)

The Grand Teton

Teton range

Teton range

The Hut (map)

First floor with completed chimney and Lucie on the mezzanine

The Hut is stained dark brown (as required by our APA permit)

View of the dix range from the bay window

The chimney and gear room

Once the log is squared, many planks can be quickly cut

Tinkers Falls (map)

The Pencil: Leading a possible first ascent of a dangerous column at Tinkers

Trinity: Series 7: Once up high enough, screws are placed

Trinity: Series 10: Simeon follows

The reliable pillar to the left of the main waterfall

Tsavo (Kenya) (map)

Cool lizard

Hippo with bird

Red elephants (actually, just normal elephants covered in red soil) and a small baby elephant

View from our approach to Elephant Rocks

The lower summit of Kitchwa Tembo. We climbed the highest rock formation on the left. (Copyright © Chris Yenkey)

Covenant: Rappelling ths chimney on the descent

Tuolumne (map)

West Crack: John reaching the first belay on West Crack

Dixie Peach: At the belay on Dixie Peach, 5.9 (photo taken by Tad from South Crack) (Copyright © Tad Welch)

Vail (map)

The Fang: Jim leading the crux, 5+ conditions

Venice (Italy) (map)

Canals in Venice

Vilcanota (Peru) (map)

Horses crossing the stream

East Face: High camp on Auzangate (Copyright © Martin Villarica)

East Face: Dawn from above 6000m on Auzangate

East Face: Descending from the high point on Auzangate

East Face: Jim, rapping off the headwall on Auzangate (Copyright © Martin Villarica)

North Face: Summit of Campa

Closer to Campa Pass; looking at Ccapana, Pachanta, and Jatunhuma (in the distance)

Mariposa from high up on Auzangate

Little girl wandered into base camp near Pachanta

View looking back at Campa Pass (on the left) and the lakes of Ticllacocha

Woman spinning wool

Wawa Gorge (Philippines) (map)

Tofu: Simeon nears the belay on Tofu, one of the dirtiest climbs I've ever climbed

Whitney Portal (map)

Mt. Whitney, as seen from our campsite

No Country for Old Men: Tommy follows the undercling pitch with a full pack of gear, no less

Wild Iris (map)

Wind swept plateau on the approach to the Main Wall

Latex Cowboy: Single finger monos are common on routes here…even the easy ones (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Yangshuo (China) (map)

View of Yangshuo and surrounding countryside

Xin Jiang Black: Jim high on Crag X

Moon Hill from a distance

Jim standing beneath the arch on Moon Hill (Copyright © Eric Gregory)

Yosemite (map)

The Big Stone (black and white)

Yosemite Falls

Wheat Thin: Jim following the famous layback pitch of Wheat Thin

Wheat Thin: The crux of Wheat Thin -- getting into the crack

La Cosita: Leading the beautiful finger crack of La Cosita

East Buttress: Seeley at the top of the fifth pitch

East Buttress: Leading the aid pitch on the East Buttress

Reed's Pinnacle Direct: Leading the awesome crack pitch, Reed's Pinnacle Direct