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Appalachian Trail (map)

Appalachian Trail Conference


Tracy and Jim at the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail -- Springer Mountain


Tracy and Jim relaxing after a day of hiking; notice the paper towels, Sierra Club cups, and prototype Marmot bivy sacks


Posing for the camera somewhere in Georgia

  Kennebec River

Tracy and Pete crossing the Kennebec…naked


Jim and Tracy take a refreshing dip in Frye Brook (Copyright © Tracy Pierce)

  New Hampshire

Relaxing in New Hampshire


Reprovisioning in Tennessee


Tracy at camp somewhere in Tennessee; by this time, we ditched the bivys in place of a prototype Early Winters single-wall Gortex tent


Tracy carrying a monster load in a Trailwise frame pack, somewhere in the deep south


Taking pictures in Vermont


lean-to somewhere in Vermont


Tired boy in Virginia


This is what happens with lots of exercise and insufficient calories


We hiked the Appalachian Trail when I was 15