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Tinkers Falls (map)

Main Falls: Jim TRing at Tinkers Falls


The Pencil: The unnamed thin column at Tinkers


A little early for ice (Copyright Madeleine Wellner)

The Pencil: Leading a possible first ascent of a dangerous column at Tinkers


Trinity: Description of the new route "Trinity" at Tinker's Falls


Trinity: Series 1: Stepping up to the column


Trinity: Series 2: Getting the tools as high as possible without damaging the column


Trinity: Series 4: A heel hook allows one to move in balance


Trinity: Series 5: Using the mono points in the holes prepared in advance with an axe


Trinity: Series 6: Working the feet up, again without damaging the column; at this point, one can chimney against the column behind

Trinity: Series 7: Once up high enough, screws are placed


Trinity: Series 8: At the top of the pillar, a good stance allows one to place good protection


Trinity: Series 9: Moving leftwards through the hanging pillars

Trinity: Series 10: Simeon follows


Trinity: The shape of Trinity earlier in the season; it took an extended cold spell to enable the column to touch down and thicken

The reliable pillar to the left of the main waterfall


Trinity: Series 3: Carefully moving up the column