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City of Rocks (map)
  Animal Cracker

Animal Cracker: Tommy shows his stuff at the start of Animal Cracker


Animal Cracker: Tommy approaches the offwidth section

  Bath Rock

Colossus: Moving through the initial bulge on big jugs


Colossus: Chalking up at the initial bulge; this section is pretty easy because of the large holds…the crux is moving through the hueco near the top of the route

  Bumblie Rock

Bumblie Takes a Tumblie: Bev lowers from the anchors with colorful fall foliage in the background


New York Is Not The City: Climbing nice patina holds at the top of the route

New York Is Not The City: Crimpy changeover in order to make the clip


New York Is Not The City: Reach for the jug

  Buzzard Perch

Terror in Tiny Town: The start of the route is the mental crux, as one has to layback up the arete on small holds (protected by an RP), shooting for the obvious pocket, clip a bolt on the left, then make long reaches up the arete to better holds

Terror in Tiny Town: Jim grabs the better holds at the start of the route; the technical crux lies above

  Center City

Beverly, at breakfast, makes assignments for the day


Camp at the City


Lucie cooks yummy chicken stew at camp


Lucie has an art show at camp


Relaxing at camp talking about the upcoming '04 election

Tommy and Michelle drinking…how about a beer?

  Elephant Rock

The Pygmies Got Stoned: Tommy and Michelle show off their hair


The Pygmies Got Stoned: Contemplating the next move

  Flaming Rock

Quest For Fire: Laybacking and stemming up the side of the hueco allows one to reach a high jug

  Morning Glory Spire

Morning Glory: Michelle makes the weird crimpy layback with the palm dyno at the end of the second pitch

  Parking Lot Rock

Lucie paints the colorful foliage near Parking Lot Rock

Michelle and Beverly hike into the area behind Parking Lot Rock


Delay of Game: Our first route at the City -- a casual face climb up a rib of rock


Tow Away Zone: Michelle does a split at the crux

  Provo Wall

Sabbatical: Tommy belays Jim on Sabbatical

  Rabbit Rock

Looking out towards the Sisters from the top of Redtail on Rabbit Rock


Redtail: The crux of the route is moving past the first bolt, shown here


Redtail: Getting established just past the crux after the first bolt


Redtail: Michelle reaches the top of Redtail

  Site 18

Looker: Michelle clips a bolt

Looker: Crimpy holds on Looker

  Slabbage Patch

I can't Believe It: Michelle traverses 30' into the start of the route while John and Andrew spot

  South Creek

South Creek as seen from Flaming Rock; Bumblie Rock is just right of center

South Creek as seen from Flaming Rock; Bumblie Rock is right of center and Slabbage Patch is left of center

  Super Hits

Intruding Dike: Tommy and Michelle climbing in the cold morning wind