Slideshow (26 photos)

Yosemite (map)

The Big Stone (black and white)


Climbing a great layback flake in the Valley


The Big Stone

Yosemite Falls


Yosemite Valley at sunrise

  Church Bowl

Bishop's Terrace: Bird wishing for larger gear for the 3" crack


Bishop's Terrace: Bird smiling for the camera

  Cookie Cliff

Wheat Thin: Jim following the famous layback pitch of Wheat Thin

Wheat Thin: The crux of Wheat Thin -- getting into the crack

  Eagle Creek Area

Nutcracker: Jim with the massive Cathedral Rocks in the background

  El Capitan, Southwest Base Area

La Cosita: Leading the beautiful finger crack of La Cosita


Moby Dick: Jim nearing the top of the first pitch of Moby Dick

  Five Open Books

Commitment: Jim on the final roof of Commitment

  Glacier Point Apron

Marginal: Jim at a rappel station on Marginal

  Middle Cathedral Rock

Central Pillar of Frenzy: Jim following the second pitch of Central Pillar of Frenzy


East Buttress: Jim and the Nose

East Buttress: Seeley at the top of the fifth pitch


East Buttress: Low down on the East Buttress

East Buttress: Leading the aid pitch on the East Buttress

  North Dome

South Face: The endless walk down from the top of North Dome, after climbing the South Face


South Face: Uncomfortable belay on the South Face

  Reed's Pinnacle

Reed's Pinnacle Direct: Leading the awesome crack pitch, Reed's Pinnacle Direct


Reed's Pinnacle Direct: Gearing up at the base of Reed's Pinnacle

  Royal Arches

Royal Arches: Jim starts up the next pitch while Eric organizes gear (Copyright Stuart Williams)


Royal Arches: Tracy prepares for the A0 pendulum; Eric waits his turn (Copyright Stuart Williams)


Royal Arches: Tracy belays Jim on Royal Arches (Copyright Stuart Williams)