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Owens River Gorge (map)

Checking out the view on the way into the Gorge

  Negress Wall

Fear of a Black Planet: First route in the Gorge, slippery and good

Fear of a Black Planet: Long reach at the crux

Ambassadors of Funk: Making a clip before the crux (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Ambassadors of Funk: Powering through the crux (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Welcome to the Gorge: Near the start, and pretty slippery

  Social Platform

Expressway: In a sea of pockets near the anchor

Bone Up: Pulling through the first overhanging section

Bone Up: Pulling though the big overhang high on the route

Bone Up: Whew…getting established after the roof

Expressway: Thin, crimpy moves at the bottom

Expressway: Crimp…ouch!

Expressway: Steep climbing that just doesn't let up