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Red Rocks (map)

Jim sorting gear after a day climbing (Copyright Jais Agertoft)


John and Allen's car


View of the Rainbow Wall from the one-way loop road (Copyright Jais Agertoft)

  Black Velvet Canyon

Prince of Darkness: Allen crimping high on the Prince


Prince of Darkness: Contemplating the opening moves on pitch 6

  Circus Wall

High Wire: My first climb at Red Rocks, and a pumpy one too


High Wire: My first climb at Red Rocks

  Mass Production Wall

Trigger Happy: Beautiful rock at the end of the day

  Pine Creek Canyon

Out of Control: John placing his first piece of gear in the crack

  Running Man Area

Red Heat: John works through the opening section of Red Heat

  Running Man Wall

Running Man: Unknown woman leading Running Man

  Wall of Confusion

Fear and Loathing III: John climbing on one of the steeper walls of the Gallery