Slideshow (34 photos)

Adirondacks (map)

Runaway Jury: A nice face climb at the Courthouse


Moonshine: Michelle casually follows Moonshine

Alabama Hills (map)

Puzzling out the routes in the Corridor

Belaying in the Corridor

City of Rocks (map)

New York Is Not The City: Climbing nice patina holds at the top of the route

New York Is Not The City: Crimpy changeover in order to make the clip


New York Is Not The City: Reach for the jug


Relaxing at camp talking about the upcoming '04 election

Tommy and Michelle drinking…how about a beer?


The Pygmies Got Stoned: Tommy and Michelle show off their hair


Morning Glory: Michelle makes the weird crimpy layback with the palm dyno at the end of the second pitch

Michelle and Beverly hike into the area behind Parking Lot Rock


Delay of Game: Our first route at the City -- a casual face climb up a rib of rock


Tow Away Zone: Michelle does a split at the crux


Redtail: Michelle reaches the top of Redtail


Looker: Michelle clips a bolt

Looker: Crimpy holds on Looker


I can't Believe It: Michelle traverses 30' into the start of the route while John and Andrew spot

Intruding Dike: Tommy and Michelle climbing in the cold morning wind

Rumney (map)

Victim of Love: Pulling through steep flakes at Darth Vadar

Salmon River Falls (map)

Curtain Call: One of the more creative routes at the Gorge, Curtain Call traverses behind all the pillars on the Amphitheatre wall, finally emerging from a hole and finishing up on Salmon Runs


Curtain Call: Michelle approaches the cave belay


Play It Again, Salmon: Michelle belays while Jim places a screw (Copyright © Keith Robison)


Preparing to climb in the Amphitheatre (Copyright © Keith Robison)


Play It Again, Salmon: Climbing overhanging ice at the start of the route


Play It Again, Salmon: Climbing the lower column


Salmon Steak: Michelle gets ready to lead Salmon Steak

Shawangunks (map)

Erect Direction: Will and Michelle on the GT ledge preparing for the top pitches

Whitney Portal (map)

Michelle finally arrives at the campsite after an epic trip

Eating lunch at The Beach (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Banana Hammock: Slippery friction; our first route at Whitney Portal (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Hiking to the crags around Whitney Portal involves some portion of the Mt. Whitney trail, which is where we're standing (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

No Country for Old Men: Colin belays Tommy on P5 while Michelle snacks

No Country for Old Men: Super happy, finally a pitch for short people; I found this pitch desperate