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Adirondacks (map)

Crossing the river using a Tyrolean traverse


Eagle Slab: Lucie and Jim on the Summit of Giant after climbing Eagle Slab


Lucie painting at the Spider's Web


Lucie in the canoe near Cragsmere on Upper Chateaugay Lake


Lucie painting at the Washbowl Cliff, below the route Flashdance

Batangas (Philippines) (map)

Martin and Lucie on the dive boat

Boracay (Philippines) (map)

Lucie being blown by the wind at sunset (she's actually doing a handspring)


Sunset at Puka Beach; for some reason, this beach seems always empty

British Virgin Islands (Caribbean) (map)

Lucie and Jim on the boat somewhere in the Caribbean

Central Cordillera (Philippines) (map)

Lucie in front of a traditional Ifugao house in the town of Batad

Lucie plants rice with Gloria, a native of Tanulong

Chimborazo (Ecuador) (map)

Lucie, modeling above 16,000 feet

City of Rocks (map)

Lucie cooks yummy chicken stew at camp


Lucie has an art show at camp


Lucie paints the colorful foliage near Parking Lot Rock

Cordillera Real (Bolivia) (map)

Southwest Face, Normal Route: Arrival in Cocoyo

Southwest Face, Normal Route: Establishing base camp

Expedition photo taken by a local in the town of Cocoyo (taken during the trek back from base camp to Sorata)

Lucie doing some cleaning at base camp


Travel to Sorata

Costa Blanca (Spain) (map)

Rowland's Magical Mystery Tour: Ian and Lucie at the top of the cliff after finishing the route

Cuenca (Spain) (map)

Lucie shows off her painting

Cuzco (Peru) (map)

Simeon and Lucie on the train to Aguas Calientes


The gang poses on the Inca Trail


Group on day 3 of the Inca Trail (Copyright Lucie Wellner)


Lucie in front of some fancy Inca stonework


The group poses in front of an Inca wall

El Chorro (Spain) (map)

Lucie and Jen laugh it up at the base of the crag; Mike in the background


Lucie sketches at El Chorro

El Potrero Chico (Mexico) (map)

Lucie, Simon, and John cooking


Lucie and John planning an excursion in town

Eldorado Canyon (map)

Lucie and "The Greeks" pose for the camera

Golden, Colorado (map)

Two themes of our climbing trip to Colorado -- Hemp, and "Just put it off"

Hawaii (map)

Boogie boarding in the surf, somewhere on the north shore (Copyright John Lawyer)

Lucie shows how it's done (Copyright John Lawyer)


Lucie models the boogie board (Copyright John Lawyer)

Indian Creek (map)

Hanging out at the base of Easter Island


Lucie walks the mesa above the valley floor; this area is very pristine, quiet, and beautiful

Joshua Tree (map)

Lucie, Allen, and Joe (and his dog)


Painting of the "snail"


Checking out the pencil cactus


The whole gang


Lucie avoids the wind by sitting in a rock alcove


Lucie on her way to painting at the end of the day


Walk on the Wild Side: Eric and Lucie lounging at the belay at sunset


Cool rocks in the Wonderland


Lucie walking through the Wonderland


Pack adjustments on the way into the Wonderland

La Cabrera (Spain) (map)

At dinner after climbing at La Cabrera, Lucie and Jen examine Pedro's flying book

Lumpy Ridge (map)

Tailgate party after a day of climbing (Copyright Lucie Wellner)

Mt. Kenya (Kenya) (map)

Photographing children while our truck waits to be repaired [again]

Enjoying the sunset, if not for the altitude sickness


Soaking in the warm sun in front of Nelion


Our camp near the Austrian Hut

Our camp near the Austrian Hut

Waking up to the sun at our camp near the Austrian Hut


Feeling full after eating


Lucie comes out to celebrate when we return from the summit (Copyright Chris Yenkey)


Group shot in front of Nelion (Copyright Chris Yenkey)


The town of Chagoria; we didn't want to hang out here very long


Shopping for expedition food


Lucie at the trailhead of the Chagoria Route


Ready for the next day's hiking (Copyright Lucie Wellner)


Lucie pets a soft cactus-like plant (Copyright Chris Yenkey)


On the endless slog up to the Austrian Hut, Lucie begins to feel sick (Copyright Chris Yenkey)


On the final approach to Austrian Hut (Copyright Chris Yenkey)


Never able to keep warm, Lucie bundles up (Copyright Lucie Wellner)

Hiking through a forest of giant groundsel


Hiking with an umbrella to shade from the sun


Resting at the Met Station, totally beat (Copyright Lucie Wellner)


Repacking on the hike out (Copyright Chris Yenkey)


Descending through the jungle to the Met Station (Copyright Chris Yenkey)


On the final march to the forest gate, glad to be done with it (Copyright Chris Yenkey)

Mt. Lemmon (map)

Jim and Lucie on the ridge at Windy Point

Nairobi (Kenya) (map)

Lucie kisses a giraffe named Lynn (Copyright Lucie Wellner)


Dining out in Nairobi (Copyright Lucie Wellner)

Nantucket (map)

Lucie and Jim sitting on the wharf

Negros Island (Philippines) (map)

On top of the only climbable rock on Apo Island, you can see the beach where we had lunch and relaxed between dives

New River Gorge (map)

Jim and Lucie sitting at the base of Burning Calves, Beauty Mountain


Lucie posed in front of the New River


Cresenta: The gang at the base of Cresenta just before a downpour

Pompey (map)

Jim, Lucie, and Jack sitting in the Mule


Lucie in her Halloween costume, dressed as a flower girl


Lucie lounging in the snow in the meadow


Lucie in the meadow


The path to the meadow


The basement bedroom


Bedroom closets beneath the stairs


Hallway leading into the basement bedroom


Laundry sink with extending faucet head


Everybody standing around during the house raising


Chipping brush to prepare the house site


Work progresses; Brian takes a rest

The living room of our house

RMNP (map)

Jim and Lucie hanging out at Sky Pond


Lucie and Jim posed in front of Sky Pond; our bivy was just off the right edge of the photo on the far end of the pond


Bivying at Sky Pond (Copyright Lucie Wellner)

Rai Lei (Thailand) (map)

Beach combers (Copyright Udsie Villarica)


Hanging out on the beach (Copyright Udsie Villarica)


Lucie painting (Copyright Udsie Villarica)


Lucie swimming (Copyright Udsie Villarica)


Jim and Lucie (Copyright Udsie Villarica)


Swimming (Copyright Udsie Villarica)

Shawangunks (map)

Frogs Head: Lucie climbs juggy rock on Frogs Head


Frogs Head: Lucie belays; Millbrook in the background

Syracuse (map)

Cuttin' some rug (Copyright Unknown)


Cuttin' some rug (Copyright Unknown)


Small talk (Copyright Unknown)


Simon pouring beer over Kristen's head (Copyright Unknown)


Random drinking (Copyright Unknown)


Dancing (Copyright Unknown)


Funny faced Cary (Copyright Unknown)


Lucie modeling the climber's truck

The Hut (map)

First floor with completed chimney and Lucie on the mezzanine


Completed fireplace opening; Mark and Lucie in the background


The crew that did the initial gathering of stones for the chimney


Lucie sands the front door; for some reason, the door was delivered with black mold on the lower half


Foundation as seen from the front of the hut as the excavation crew pack sand into the interior


View of the foundation from the west. The large concrete box in the center is the foundation for the chimney; the smaller free-standing piers are for posts in the timber frame.


Bits of the timber frame are assembled on the ground before being raised


The finished frame


A closeup of the raising crew


Another view of the finished frame and crew


The timber frame is partially built on the ground prior to the raising; Lucie sits in the middle

Vermont (map)

Lucie cuttin' an edge (Copyright Lucie Wellner)

Wind Rivers (map)

Camping in the alpine meadows of the Cirque of the Towers