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Adirondacks (map)

Haggis and Cold Toast: Simeon chimneying up Haggis and Cold Toast in the Beer Walls


The now-famous Unit


Hard Times: Simeon at the top of the chimney pitch, belaying Simon


Run for your Life: Simeon leading on the upper tier of Poko


Positive Thinking: Simeon leading the second pitch

Cordillera Real (Bolivia) (map)

Southwest Face, Normal Route: High camp


Southwest Face, Normal Route: Arrival in Cocoyo

Southwest Face, Normal Route: Establishing base camp


Unloading the truck in Cocoyo

Expedition photo taken by a local in the town of Cocoyo (taken during the trek back from base camp to Sorata)

Cuzco (Peru) (map)

Arriving at the airport in Cuzco


Simeon and Lucie on the train to Aguas Calientes


The gang poses on the Inca Trail


Group on day 3 of the Inca Trail (Copyright Lucie Wellner)

Joshua Tree (map)

O'Kelley's Crack: Opening moves -- despite the rating of 5.10c, the initial moves are 5.11a


The whole gang

Laguna (Philippines) (map)

Eric and Martin pose for the camera

Lake Willoughby (map)

Called on Account of Rains: Tom and Simeon at the cave belay on top of the first pitch


Called on Account of Rains: Simeon starts the second pitch

Negros Island (Philippines) (map)

On top of the only climbable rock on Apo Island, you can see the beach where we had lunch and relaxed between dives

Pitcairn (map)

Men With Guns: Simeon at the start of Men with Guns; the route ascends the runnel of ice above Simeon's head


Men With Guns: Simeon climbs mixed rock on the first pitch


Simeon attempts the first ascent of the line left of Men With Guns

Salmon River Falls (map)

Salmonella: Simeon pauses at the base of the steep section


Salmonella: Simeon pauses at the base of the steep section


Salmonella: Climbing steep ice on Salmonella


Salmonella: Steep ice in the Amphitheatre with the river below; Salmon Steak is the large ice flow in the upper right of the photo

Sashimi: Simeon on the first ascent of Sashimi; doesn't look like it, but water is running into his boots

Syracuse (map)

Simeon and his harem (Copyright Unknown)


Simon pouring beer over Kristen's head (Copyright Unknown)

Telluride (map)

Ames Ice Hose: Simeon arriving at the second belay on Ames Ice Hose


Ames Ice Hose: Simeon leading the third pitch of Ames Ice Hose


Jim and Simeon Hit Bridalveil Falls and Ames Ice Hose (Copyright Simeon Warner)


Bridalveil Falls: Simeon starting out from the third/cave belay


Bridalveil Falls: Simeon on the fourth pitch of Bridalveil Falls

Tinkers Falls (map)

Trinity: Description of the new route "Trinity" at Tinker's Falls


Trinity: Series 8: At the top of the pillar, a good stance allows one to place good protection

Trinity: Series 10: Simeon follows

Vilcanota (Peru) (map)

East Face: Descending from the high point on Auzangate


East Face: Simeon at the high point on Auzangate


East Face: Simeon and Eric crossing a snow bridge above 6000m


Breakfast on the trek


Camp above the lake, drying out tents


Simeon in need of a wash

Wawa Gorge (Philippines) (map)

Tofu: Simeon nears the belay on Tofu, one of the dirtiest climbs I've ever climbed