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Adirondacks (map)

Dad and Bruce on the summit of Big Slide in the early 1970s (Copyright Jack Lawyer)


Dad resting on a bridge near Avalanche Lean-to


The gang at the Winter camp, late 70's

Appalachian Trail (map)

Posing for the camera somewhere in Georgia

Pompey (map)

Dad, John, and Cathy in the early 1980s


Jim, Lucie, and Jack sitting in the Mule


More site clearing activity

Shawangunks (map)

Mom and Dad next to Mohonk Lake (Copyright Lucie Wellner)

The Hut (map)

Jack tries a mockup of the stairs that Steve built


Jim and Jack load equipment onto the flatbed for transport to the Hut; this equipment was used to collect stones for the chimney from the property


Amstutz's shop with Jack making a phone call while Calvin works