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Adirondacks (map)

Quitting early to help polish off one very large beer


Drop, Fly, or Die: Colin reaches for gear after the difficult traverse


Drop, Fly, or Die: Colin climbs the steep crack of Drop, Fly, or Die, belayed by Joe

Castle Valley (map)

Colin prepares to descend after bailing on Jah Man due to high winds

Fisher Towers (map)

Stolen Chimney: Colin sits at the sidewalk, as seen from the top of the corkscrew


Stolen Chimney: Following the pebbled face on the first pitch; the climbing is a little bouldery, and the protection is all drilled angle pitons

Stolen Chimney: Leading the corkscrew -- one of the wildest summits anywhere. The ropes are arched to the right due to strong winds


Stolen Chimney: The second pitch (5.8); looks like mud, but is actually pretty nice rock with decent protection every 8 to 10 feet


Stolen Chimney: Posing on the summit of the corkscrew

Indian Creek (map)

Cave Route: Near the top of the crack Colin finally gets a rest by stemming to the opposite wall


Three Strikes and You're Out: Another endless layback crack at Battle of the Bulge


Organizing the rack for the days climbing


Rimshot: Colin poses for the camera on the 4th pitch (5.11a) of Rimshot; he is positioned at the first rest after the tight sandy-hands crack above the belay


Rimshot: More off-width climbing on the 4th pitch


Rimshot: Exiting the chimney at the top of the second pitch; from his position, the climb moves left (climber's right) onto lower-angled slabs up to the belay


Rimshot: The third pitch traverses left in a chimney to an off-width crack in the main face


Rimshot: Getting established in the off-width crack above the chimney on the third pitch


Posing in front of the "Brick" at the Supercrack Buttress parking lot

Moab (map)

Stairway to Heaven: Colin raps the first pitch; we bailed due to loose rock, rain, and general whimpiness


Pinhead: Roadside climbing on Potash Road…not the most aesthetic climbing area

The Hut (map)

Taking a rest after collecting chimney stones from the property


Colin pushes scaffolding onto the second floor


Colin messing around with the giant hammer, Kevin in the background


Four strong backs are required to move a rafter subsection


Continuing to move the rafter subsection, Doug comes to help


Continuing to move the rafter subsection, Doug helps, Jou and Doug watch


The first ridge pole is moved into position


The front ridge pole is positioned in place


All hands on deck for the second ridge pole