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City of Rocks (map)

Bumblie Takes a Tumblie: Bev lowers from the anchors with colorful fall foliage in the background


Beverly, at breakfast, makes assignments for the day


Quest For Fire: Laybacking and stemming up the side of the hueco allows one to reach a high jug

Michelle and Beverly hike into the area behind Parking Lot Rock


Redtail: The crux of the route is moving past the first bolt, shown here

Joshua Tree (map)

Illusion Dweller: Pulling the final difficulties on Illusion Dweller


Beverly describes her experience on Illusion Dweller to the others


Beverly warms around her morning coffee


Beverly racks up for Sphincter Quits


Sphincter Quits: Beverly sews up the lower crack, then moves up to the rest alcove


Trembling Toes: Beverly moves up to the first bolt


Lunch break on the ledge system in front of the Astro Domes