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Moab (map)

Climbing Moab


Utah Climbers

  Kane Creek

The slickrock above Kane Creek and a hidden arch and the Colorado River in the background; we ascended a steel cable on the ramp just beyond the arch


Looking north towards the La Sal mountains from the slickrock above Kane Creek


Pinhead: Broken rock and interesting sidepulls make this route surprisingly fun


The slickrock above Moab


Stairway to Heaven: Colin raps the first pitch; we bailed due to loose rock, rain, and general whimpiness

  Potash Road

Pinhead: Roadside climbing on Potash Road…not the most aesthetic climbing area

  River Road

Message from the locals


Dolomite Tower (the squarish spire on the left) and Lighthouse Tower (the pointy spire just to the right) as seen from River Road