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Adirondacks (map)

Chronic Fixation: Chris warms up on one of the easier routes at the King Wall


Kingdom Come: Jim belays Chris who is following the second pitch; the traverse is hard, but made easier using chimney moves with your back

Black Canyon (map)

Russian Arete: Chris at the bottom of the route

Mt. Kenya (Kenya) (map)

A bicycle repair shop on the way to Chagoria


A bicycle repair shop on the way to Chagoria


Our camp near the Austrian Hut

Our camp near the Austrian Hut


Feeling full after eating


Stormy weather moves in after setting up camp near the Austrian Hut (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)


Reviewing route beta (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)


Ravenous after our successful ascent of Nelion (4 hours) (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)


Group shot in front of Nelion (Copyright © Chris Yenkey)


Southwest Ridge: Soloing the "easy slab" (more like 5.5 in places) to the notch


Southwest Ridge: Let's get the hell out of here…retreat!


Southwest Ridge: Fueling up for the descent (Copyright © Chris Yenkey)


Our first day on the approach to Mt. Kenya (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)


Hanging out in front of the filthy Mintos Hut (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)


Resting at Tooth Col (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)


Eating at McKinder's Camp (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)


Talking about options…should we climb another route? (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)


Descending back to the roadhead, just entering the jungle (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)


Resting at the Met Station, totally beat (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)

Normal Route: We soloed several pitches up to some ledges, then racked up here at daybreak


Normal Route: Chris leads the section right of McKinder's Chimney


Normal Route: At the top of P15, Chris downclimbs into a gully and up the other side


Normal Route: One of the many raps from the summit

Normal Route: Racking up after soling a couple pitches (Copyright © Chris Yenkey)


Normal Route: Chris belays somewhere on the route (Copyright © Chris Yenkey)

Normal Route: Sitting in front of the Howell Hut (Copyright © Chris Yenkey)


Normal Route: Investigating the ruined Bailies Bivy (Copyright © Chris Yenkey)


Normal Route: This thing is barely hanging together; completely unusable (Copyright © Chris Yenkey)

Nairobi (Kenya) (map)

Dining out in Nairobi (Copyright © Lucie Wellner)

RMNP (map)

Arrowplane: Chris begins the third pitch


Arrowplane: Self portrait at the summit

Salmon River Falls (map)

Play It Again, Salmon: Chris on the second ascent, hanging from a ripped out screamer after a tied-off ice tool popped; the other axe is left placed well above his head


Play It Again, Salmon: Chris on the steep ice column on the second ascent

Play It Again, Salmon: Chris reaches the first bolt on top of the steep ice on the second ascent; the route continues to the right onto a ledge (the one with the icicles), then pumps through three large roofs to the rim


Play it Again, Salmon: Chris belys Tommy in a field of blue ice blocks; while following the route, enormous ice blocks released, completely burying this belay spot in tons of fresh ice

Play it Again, Salmon: Chris belays Tommy while he places a screw

Spring Creek (map)

Spring Creek Tower: Chris at the top of the "tower" after climbing a new line -- an absolute choss pile

Taylor Canyon (map)

Chris relaxes in the pass above Taylor Canyon

Tsavo (Kenya) (map)

Chris poses with the corporal's weapon, about 40 lbs


Ivory Corner: Chris arrives at the P2 belay


Some final sandy pits are crossed before we find a suitable camp site


Chris asking for directions and explaining what we're doing. Rock climbing seemed very foreign to the locals.


Chris and Corporal Bulge look around for a suitable place to camp…preferable not next to the river where all the big game are


Corporal Bulge shows Chris the fresh lion tracks; we're not gonna camp here


Our camp below Kitchwa Tembo


The approach to the east face of Kitchwa Tembo was some of the thickest bushwhacking I've done. Afterwards, I threw my pants and socks into the garbage.


More bushwhacking


The approach was harder than the climbing…at least more effort


Covenant: Finally up at the col, we can start our climb up the large obvious spire


Covenant: We soloed the ridge up to the base of the final spire, about 5.5 or so


Covenant: At the base of the final spire, Chris pulls the vegetation away from the mouth of the chimney


Covenant: Chris arrives at the top of the chimney. This feature was unprotected for more than 100', and about 5.7 in difficulty.

Covenant: Rappelling ths chimney on the descent


Our truck broke down just about every time we drove anywhere; this is the first of many repairs