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The Hut, Site Work (map)

Adam trims the "Adirondack Palm Tree"


Adam saws off his lanyard (not)


Large bucket on the excavator


Forms for the footer


South side of the foundation -- forms for the footer


Excavation crew dumping sand, then moving it into the foundation


Sheehan's excavator with its enormous bucket


Back filling the foundation with sand


Back filling the foundation with sand


Foundation as seen from the front of the hut as the excavation crew pack sand into the interior


View of the foundation from the west. The large concrete box in the center is the foundation for the chimney; the smaller free-standing piers are for posts in the timber frame.


Jim digs the trench for the phone cable on a hot, sweaty day


Jim measures the Hut site


Jim chips branches cleared from the view


John consults with the representative from the power company


The new driveway; the box on the right is the transformer


The excavation crew packs the sand with a tamping machine


A man from the power company repairs the transformer


The building site for the Hut before any work


Crane at the site before the raising


Looking south from the virgin site; stakes and ropes mark the locations of the building


The site layout occurred when the site was still snow covered; a sled was used to transport equipment to the site


The beginning of work on the concrete footers


Overview of the hole before the foundation


Another overview of the hole before the foundation


The view from the bay window