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Rifle (map)

Mossy creek in the canyon

Red building in the canyon

Camping in the vansion at Rifle, which was a good thing since it rained every day

Pretty canyon

Lookin' smooth at the Middle Ice Caves area

Tenuous brook crossing

  Meat Wall

Cold Cuts: Starting up Cold Cuts (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Cold Cuts: Near the bottom of Cold Cuts

Cold Cuts: Angular holds characterize this route, and just about every other route at Rifle

  Middle Ice Caves

Feline: Bustin' back muscles

Feline: Amazing climbing, no route finding here due to the chalk (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Feline: Strenuous pulling and an intricate sequence coming up (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

Unknown: Suppose to be 5.9, but more like .11a (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

  Project Wall

Rehabilitator: Another "warm up" route, pretty much at our limit (Copyright © Colin O'Connor)

  Sapper Cave

Handy Boy: Givin' it on Handy Boy

Rumor Has It: Colin on Rumor Has It, a super popular .11b

Rumor Has It: Fierce and strenuous laybacking

  Skull Cave

Forgotten Years: Nice thigh jam in the back of Skull Cave

Pile Driver: Steep climbing in a cave…a good choice because it was raining