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Orient Bay (Canada) (map)

Thunder Bay section of the Canadian Alpine Club


Wes Bender's ice climbing conditions


Climbing Central (ice conditions, guidebooks)


Nipigon River along Route 11 just outside Nipigon on the way to Orient Bay

  Ice Palace

Eveil Des Sens: Jim just before the crux of Eveil Des Sens in early season; this was the first climb done in the Ice Palace area


10% Real: A real classic of the area, Tommy climbs 10% Real early in the season; the crux starts just below Tommy's feet


10% Real: A little higher on the crux


10% Real: Higher up, Tommy stems onto the left wall that has just enough ice to support such a maneuver


10% Real: The climb angles back briefly, then steepens up once again for a second crux

  Parallax Area

Parallax: Tommy climbs the steep upper section of the free-hanging icicle


Parallax: Starting out on Parallax with the monster free-hanging pillar looming above


Parallax: In heavy snow, Jim climbs the mixed rock and ice to get established below the pillar


Parallax: Parallax in mid December conditions -- the pillar doesn't yet touch down

  Reflection Lake

Reflection Wall: Climbing the exceptionally wet and steep Reflection Wa;;


Obsession: The climb Obsession ascends a big chimney just 50 meters from the road


Reflection Wall: Reflection Wall on a rare sunny day; our ascent was the first for the year


Cascade Falls: Tommy climbs Cascade Falls on the right -- many lines can be climbed on this massive piece of ice, from WI3 to WI4


Obsession: Tommy climbs the steep pillar at the top of Obsession; smart climbers (not us) belay at bolts on the left low on the route, then climb the route in one pitch instead of breaking the pitch at the place where this picture is taken