Vilcanota (Peru) (map)

Horses crossing the stream

Martin's homemade anti-bot plates

Base camp for Auzangate

High camp on Auzangate
East Face

Dawn from above 6000m on Auzangate
East Face

Descending from the high point on Auzangate
East Face

High point on the ridge on Auzangate
East Face

Resting above the headwall
East Face

Loading the horses at base camp

Martin at the high point on Auzangate
East Face

Martin nearing the high point on Auzangate
East Face

Jim, rapping off the headwall on Auzangate
East Face

Simeon at the high point on Auzangate
East Face

Simeon and Eric crossing a snow bridge above 6000m
East Face

Eating soup at high camp
East Face

Topping out on the headwall
East Face

Lois perched on an island of moss on the way back to Tinqui

View from the top of the headwall at dawn, mountains labeled

Summit of Campa
North Face

Closer to Campa Pass; looking at Ccapana, Pachanta, and Jatunhuma (in the distance)

Approaching Campa Pass, looking at Ccapana, Pachanta

Approaching Campa Pass with the mountains labeled

Passing through Jampa on our way to Auzangate base camp

Breakfast on the trek

Camp above the lake, drying out tents

On the hike up to high camp on Mariposa
East Face

Mariposa from high up on Auzangate

Mariposa high camp

Little girl wandered into base camp near Pachanta

Tres Amigos near Pachanta

Lois wearing a traditional hat

View looking back at Campa Pass (on the left) and the lakes of Ticllacocha

Labeled view of the Ticllacocha area


Simeon in need of a wash

Woman spinning wool

Apolinar and Martin (dressed as the president) at the hotel in Tinqui

Weighing the lamb for dinner