Tsavo (Kenya) (map)

We saw this leopard on our drive through Tsavo West

Cool lizard

Hippo with bird

Acacia trees; the vegetation here is very thick, making good cover for animals and bad for safaris

Red elephants (actually, just normal elephants covered in red soil) and a small baby elephant

Another view of the leopard we saw

These corners are known as Elephant Rocks. The route we climbed goes up between the two huge corners.

Chris poses with the corporal's weapon, about 40 lbs

Chris arrives at the P2 belay
Ivory Corner

Every time I wanted to take a photo, the corporal would point as if giving instruction

View from our approach to Elephant Rocks

During a break in the drive, Gitau repairs the engine

Some final sandy pits are crossed before we find a suitable camp site

Super dense jungle on the approach to our camp site

Chris asking for directions and explaining what we're doing. Rock climbing seemed very foreign to the locals.

Chris and Corporal Bulge look around for a suitable place to camp…preferable not next to the river where all the big game are

Corporal Bulge shows Chris the fresh lion tracks; we're not gonna camp here

Forest canopy above our tents

Adjusting the hat for the photo

Jim and the Corporal examine the fresh hippo tracks near the camp site

The lower summit of Kitchwa Tembo. We climbed the highest rock formation on the left.

Another view of Kitchwa Tembo

The ridgeline has endless opportunities for climbing

Our camp below Kitchwa Tembo

The approach to the east face of Kitchwa Tembo was some of the thickest bushwhacking I've done. Afterwards, I threw my pants and socks into the garbage.

More bushwhacking

The approach was harder than the climbing…at least more effort

Finally up at the col, we can start our climb up the large obvious spire

We soloed the ridge up to the base of the final spire, about 5.5 or so

At the base of the final spire, Chris pulls the vegetation away from the mouth of the chimney

Chris arrives at the top of the chimney. This feature was unprotected for more than 100', and about 5.7 in difficulty.

On the summit

Rappelling ths chimney on the descent

On the descent, we swam across the opening of this crevass, fully supported by cactus and other vegetation

Thick jungle on the approach

Displaying the skin of a cobra

Serious heat and not enough water

Approaching the summit

On the road south out of Nairobi; this section was especially bad

Our truck broke down just about every time we drove anywhere; this is the first of many repairs

One of a thousand breakdowns alongside the road

Crowded shops alongside the road

Our second breakdown delayed us getting to the Tsavo entrance; we entered the park after dark as a result

More breakdowns on a modest hill; complete engine overhauls going on

Crowded truck traffic on the Mombasa Road