The Hut, Wood Harvest (map)

Cherry log, just after being dropped; a fine specimen

Beginning a cut on a virgin maple log

Partway through a cut on a virgin maple log

Once the log is squared, many planks can be quickly cut

Beginning a cut on a cherry log

Closeup of the band saw blade cutting a maple log

Another view of Dan on his portable band mill, Doug in the background

Erin and Zack watch the band mill

Erin and Zack skid an enormous cherry log

Erin and Dan discuss the ongoing milling operation

Arty shot of a stack of maple with the stickers running horizontally

The staging area for milling operations -- the barn. Snow is removed to make way for more skidding

Frozen maple logs waiting to be milled

Maple logs look good -- no rot in the middle

Lots of maple logs in the skidding area

Maple board drying in the barn; drying racks are built from ropes run across the width of the barn

Hundreds of boards are dried at a time

Lucie working hard on preparing the maple

The finished maple ceiling; we're very excited to see our maple in use

The finished maple ceiling; the strings are to locate the chimney

Another shot of the maple ceiling and red oak timber frame

A pile of rough-sawn maple stacked in the barn during milling

A pile of 12 foot rough-sawn maple

Erin and his son Zack move a large maple log onto the portable band mill

A large tarp was erected to allow spraying of the maple board in the rain

Another view of the spraying tent

Zack skids a beautiful cherry log down the road