The Hut, Plumbing (map)

Countertop made of Adirondack granite (in the Cold Springs Granite showroom)

An outdoor shower is installed on the west side of the Hut, providing us early access to water

The outdoor shower is made of rough copper piping, well suited to the look-and-feel of the Hut

Pressure tank in the utility room

A temporary toilet is installed for the crew

There is a dug well with a concrete top. This has since been raised another 4 feet.

In the spring, there was 9' of water in the well

A model of the underfloor heating system used under the wood floor

The floor of the outdoor shower is a pit, lined with plastic and filled with river stones

The outdoor shower is drained to the hillside using PVC pipe left over from the septic installation

The floor of the outdoor shower is drained via PVC pipe to the hillside

The drain pipe is covered with mesh to prevent animals from taking up shop

Plumbing a la Mike Morris and Sons