Pompey (map)

Jim's mountain bike

Dave and Kristen at a house party

Hema with really big ugly feet

Jeremy and Alex dressed up for Halloween

Dad, John, and Cathy in the early 1980s

Simon with wild hair at a house party

Martin and his bitch Eric

Jim, Lucie, and Jack sitting in the Mule

Clearing snow between the house and the garage on a typical snow year


Lucie in her Halloween costume, dressed as a flower girl

Dressed as a spicy, smoked snack for Halloween

Sleepy little George

George and Posey snuggle together for warmth

George in her special spot on the chair by the window

George in her special spot on the chair by the window

Our house from the southeast, and the barn to the left

Preparing for yet another trip

Lucie lounging in the snow in the meadow

Lucie in the meadow

The meadow near out house

The path to the meadow

Trees near the meadow

Hand made heating register (that closes) and recessed light in the basement bathroom

The basement bedroom

Bedroom closets beneath the stairs

Hallway leading into the basement bedroom

One of the shelves in the stairwell

Hallway leading to the flat files; doors on the right lead to walk-in cedar closets

Entrance to Lucie's walk-in closet

Hand made maple heating register with cherry knob for adjusting the flow

Jim's walk-in cedar closet with lots of supplies

Cedar drawers in Jim's cedar closet

Laundry sink with extending faucet head

Hand made maple plug outlet cover

Hand made maple plug outlet cover and cold air return

Hand made maple plug outlet cover and telephone jack

Posey and George on the bed in the basement bedroom

Posey in the stairwell

Looking down the stairs

Looking up the stairs

Cabinets housing the electric panel and spare light bulbs

Another one of Jim's creations -- a hand made maple light switch cover

Oak braces stacked and ready for use

Braces made of black walnut used in the studio and dining room

Bustin' a move on the foundation

Butterfly detail in the fireplace mantle; this mantle design is actually an unplanned "fix" to an error in the frame design

Chandelier center detail

Final chandelier hanging in the living room in front of the granite fireplace

Chandelier before adding the pine boughs and pine cones

Collections of pine cone bits

Sample pine cone before being affixed to the chandelier

Steve at work on the pine needles

Beginning the construction of the chimney

The chimney tent, used to keep in the heat during construction of the chimney

Granite facing on the foundation

Extra deep foundation

Foundation part-way through construction

Mason laying the flagstone floor of the front entrance

Everybody standing around during the house raising

Standing on the frame on the day of the raising

The master bedroom on the second floor

The house, just after completion of the roof

John standing in front of the rafters before they were lifted into position

The woods on our property

Collection of post and beams before being assembled

Collection of post and beams before being assembled

Workers busy with the barn raising

Intricate work and the steady hand of the crane operator

Working on the beams to connect the third bent

Chipping brush to prepare the house site

More site clearing activity

Work progresses; Brian takes a rest

Winter '93 -- deep snow nearly to the roof of the back porch

Winter '93 -- the driveway had to be shoveled by hand because no plow could move that much snow; the shoveling took three days

Winter '93 -- the snow is deeper than young Colin

Winter '93 -- front of the house after the storm

The stairs leading to the second floor

Valley rafter detail; the room below is Lucie's studio

Man uses giant wooden mallet during the frame raising

Doing finishing work on the second floor

Furry face

The living room of our house

The house as seen from the back yard

Breakfast of champions

The back shelf fits into the cargo cover slots and serves as a storage place while sleeping and for organizing gear

The bed, extended with the seats forward

The bed, extended with the seats forward, seen from the side

The bed seen from the rear of the vehicle with the homemade futon

The bed sits on a platform that is attached to the floor using the existing seat bolt holes. This was accomplished using a metal plate and some washers.

I placed rubber-backed carpeting on the floor to protect the truck interior

An empty truck seen from the back without the futon

The floor showing the hidden compartments

To extend the bed to full length, the seats are moved forward and two "extenders" slide forward; these hold the extra floor and futon bits

Detail showing the retracted extender; the metal brackets allow the extender to easily slide forward

The platform before the carpeting is installed, seen from the side

The platform before the carpeting is installed, seen from the rear of the vehicle