Joshua Tree (map)

Allen begins a lead

John organizes the rack on an early visit to Joshua Tree

Flowering joshua tree

Steep ground in the Bighorn Mating Grotto
Dangling Woo Li Master

Taped up hands after a day of climbing in the Bighorn Mating Grotto; notice the Disney band-aid on the middle finger

Steck's favorite route
Pinched Rib

Kimbrough in the early morning

High on the runout plates of Disneyland Dome
Enchanted Stairway

Lori approaches the first belay; the ledge is actually a dike that, if continued, turns into Mental Bankruptcy
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Phil places gear at the intimidating roof near the start of the climb
Hang Ten

Clipping the gear at the roof; hard to believe it's only 5.8
Hang Ten

This interesting route starts with a hard boulder problem, then traverses just left 5 bolts about 10' above the ground, then finishing straight up to some chains
Eileen Dover

A little further along in the traverse; lots for the hands, but little for the feet
Eileen Dover

The opening, unprotected moves of Effigy Too
Effigy Too

Effigy Too is a nice route for sunny days as it's in the shade. The huge boulder high and left is the EBGBs boulder.
Effigy Too

The climbing eases near the top of the route
Effigy Too

Eric belaying at the top, construction in the background
Sitting Here in Limbo

Lucie, Allen, and Joe (and his dog)

John leads yet another bolt-protected face climb

Strenuous underclings are required right off the ground on a fragile flake
Diamond Dogs

Unprotected knob climbing at the start of yet another Swain route
Pullups To Pasadena

Todd demonstrates a pretty lizard

Andrew watches the action on Garden Angel
Garden Angel

Weird layback moves up the arete of Garden Angel
Garden Angel

Weird layback moves up the arete of Garden Angel
Garden Angel

Matt makes the opening moves on Lazy Day
Lazy Day

Allen leading Cryptic

Allen leading Cryptic

Allen leading Cryptic

Yvon at the opening moves on the Headstone
Southwest Corner

Yvon high up on the Southwest Corner
Southwest Corner

John leads a too-short crack on the backside of the Headstone
Practice Crack #1

Lori and Jim pose on top of the Headstone

Working through the crux of the Southwest Corner, a spectacular easy route on the Headstone
Southwest Corner

Painting of the "snail"

Joe following the first pitch of Poodles
Poodles are People Too

Tall people can simply reach left and bypass any difficulty; not sure what short people do
Head Over Heels

Yvon nearing the top of Hidden Tower
Wild Wind

Thin face moves characterize climbing on this route
Dazed and Confused

Runout climbing in a sea of granite
Dazed and Confused

Lori reaches the top after a long, rope-stretching 2nd pitch
Bird on a Wire

Lori and Jim pose on top of the Manure Pile at dusk

Allen at the crux of Left Mel Crack
Left Mel Crack

Checking out the pencil cactus

Climbing the height-related crux of the Left Mel Crack
Left Mel Crack

At the second bolt, high on the Pea Brain
Joan Jetson

Allen laces up for the Peyote cracks

Having lunch near Hound Rock

Coyote near the road; if you look carefully, you can see a second coyote in the background

Pulling the final difficulties on Illusion Dweller
Illusion Dweller

Long reaches on overhanging rock constitute the crux of Clean and Jerk
Clean and Jerk

One of the best hand/fist cracks in the park
Clean and Jerk

John belays a climber on Ball Bearing
Ball Bearing

Beverly describes her experience on Illusion Dweller to the others

Opening moves -- despite the rating of 5.10c, the initial moves are 5.11a
O'Kelley's Crack

Simon, waiting for his morning coffee

The gang, gathered in Joshua Tree

The whole gang

Hanging out at Ryan Campground

Joshua Tree in the early morning light

Hanging out at the campfire in Ryan

Lucie avoids the wind by sitting in a rock alcove

Lucie on her way to painting at the end of the day

Joshua Tree near Ryan Campground

Allen gets organized around camp

Late afternoon relaxation at camp

Deep contemplation

Beverly warms around her morning coffee

Breakfast at the Jones'

Breakfast at Ryan

Maguy enjoys her morning coffee

John enjoying the conviviality at camp

Low on the all time perfect crack
Illusion Dweller

Lost in a sea of rock
Illusion Dweller

Eric and Lucie lounging at the belay at sunset
Walk on the Wild Side

The route Junk Food traverses the Junk Clump formation on a quartz dike; it begins with two bolts, then crosses three other routes
Junk Food

A route on the Shorter Wall, the right-hand side of the Rock Garden Valley
Born in a Barn

Martin shredding his fingers on Solid Gold
Solid Gold

Following up the sharp edges of Solid Gold; this climb is quite the finger shredder
Solid Gold

Simon leading the lower section of Solid Gold
Solid Gold

Jim and Allen on Rubicon

Beverly racks up for Sphincter Quits

Beverly sews up the lower crack, then moves up to the rest alcove
Sphincter Quits

Beverly moves up to the first bolt
Trembling Toes

The crux is the section just before the roof on the left where the crack is tight hands
No Self Confidence

Steep, sustained crack climbing in the midsection of the route
No Self Confidence

Feeling pumped, this is the last rest before running it out to the top
No Self Confidence

At dusk on the Memorial Route
Allen Steck Memorial Route

Following the all-time classic hand crack
Double Cross

Leading the initial stemming corner of Orphan; if you can stomach the off-width at the top, this is an excellent climb

Tad climbing the "burnt penis"
Boogers On A Lampshade

Tad climbing the "burnt penis"
Boogers On A Lampshade

Making the crux moves on Boogers; the high bolt protects this section
Boogers on a Lampshade

After the crux; the next piece is the tied off chicken head visible just above
Boogers on a Lampshade

Pretty rocks

Tad and Chris in the Wonderland with the Astro Domes in the background

Chris near Disneyland Dome in the Wonderland

Cool rocks in the Wonderland

Lunch break on the ledge system in front of the Astro Domes

Lucie walking through the Wonderland

In the midst of the crux at Sheepbugger's Wall; the difficulty here is that the protection is at your feet while making the crux .11 moves…below that is a ledge!
Drop Zone

Allen resting in the Wonderland

About to make the crux moves on the first pitch
Figures on a Landscape

John traverses across to the first belay
Figures on a Landscape

Pack adjustments on the way into the Wonderland

Lori hiking around the Wonderland

Joe gears up for "Mr Toad's"
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Tom sends Solid Gold
Solid Gold