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The Hut (map)

Carpenter butt


Clamping the floor section to the door section


Mike climbs the door section


The timber frame, about 1/3 completed


The first large bents has just been moved into position


Crew members prepare the floor section to be raised into position


A post is positioned, making sure that the brace and horizontal member are fit at the same time


The crew getting started with the raising; Steve is dealing with an issue where the iron rods in the foundation are mispositioned


The very first frame subsection raised into postion -- the king posts around the front door


Lunch on raising day


Mike positions a post with a spline


Mike measures something


Mike installs a temporary shim


A minor ridge pole is lowers into position


Mike gets aggressive with the orange mallet


The first bent is moved into position


Bits of the timber frame are assembled on the ground before being raised


The finished frame


A closeup of the raising crew


Another view of the finished frame and crew


Securing the second bent


Steve and Mike oversee the movement of member


Steve and Mike slide the roof truss together