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The Hut, Timber Frame (map)

Jim holds the temporary brace as the others lower the ridge pole into position


Steve's timber framing shop


Closeup of timbers on the back porch


Bag of webbing uses by the Amstutz crew in assembling the frame


The bottom of the posts are sealed before placing them on the metal brackets


Up close and personal with the braces


Bucket of dowels used hold the joints together


Calvin prepares a mortise in the shop


Calvin drills a hole for a dowel


Calvin uses giant orange hammer to wack something into place


Calvin working in the shop on the timbers


Carpenter butt


Clamping the floor section to the door section


Mike climbs the door section


Colin pushes scaffolding onto the second floor


Colin messing around with the giant hammer, Kevin in the background


Comealongs used to hold up sections of the frame during the raising


Another comealong


Nifty joinery in the timber frame


More cool joinery in the timber frame


Cool spline holds together a complex joint in the timber frame


Boom of the crane during the raising


Crane hook flies through the air


Hook of the crane


Crane moves a load of timbers off the delivery truck


Calvin cuts a dowel to make room for the ridge pole


Dennis can't resist climbing onto the ridge pole after the raising


Skethcy traversing on the ridge pole


Doug and Nancy locate the metal brackets on which the posts rest


Doug and Nancy locate the metal brackets on which the posts rest


Doug and Nancy prep the floor section before it is raised into position


Doug working with a clamp during the raising


Doug cuts a dowel to length


The crane operator directing traffic


Doug preps beams for the crane


Practiced hands perform the delicate work of moving timbers into place


Practiced hands perform the delicate work of moving timbers into place


Cutting dowels to length


More trimming of dowels


Drills sit idle


Preparing a large section of the timber frame for lifting by the crane


The timber frame without the rafters and ridge pole


Framing on the mezzanine floor


Section of the mezzanine floor before it was moved into place with the crane


The crew prepares to receive the ridge pole


Various bents ready to be raised


The timber frame, about 1/3 completed


The first large bents has just been moved into position


The completed timber frame is surrounded by stick-built 2x6 walls


Steve and Doug preparing for the first large bent


Porch posts partially completed


Front porch framing as seen from the front door


The completed front porch -- 2x4 T&G white cedar floor, 2x6 T&G white cedar ceiling, cedar posts, and pine timber framing


Completed front porch, seen from the west


Completed front porch; the yellow wire is for a hanging lantern


Completed front porch, seen from the east


Front porch posts temporarily held in place


Front porch, incomplete, left side


Completed front porch seen from the north with the large columns resting on boulders moved from elsewhere on the property


Front porch seen from the front (north)


Front porch seen from the west; there is a hole where the chinney will soon appear through the roof


Another view of the front porch from the west


View showing the ceiling of the front porch


Front porch posts demonstrating the careful scribing where the posts meet the rock


Crew members prepare the floor section to be raised into position


Amstutz's shop with Jack making a phone call while Calvin works


Jim and Lucie during the raising


Jim and Tommy watch the frame raising


Jim holds up a brace -- one of the few jobs I could do


Jim does nothing, waiting orders


Jim connects the strapping to the crane


Jim spots the post as it's moved across the site


Jim positions a post onto a metal plate on the foundation


A post is positioned, making sure that the brace and horizontal member are fit at the same time


Jim prepares the straps for lifting a member


Jim helping out from the heights


Moving about the timber frame is easy for climbers


Jim tries to be helpful, but probably is getting in the way


Trimming a dowel to the correct length


Pounding a dowel into place to hold a joint together


Joe and Tommy climb around on the completed frame


The "climbers" help position the scaffolding


Kevin holds a brace in position while a post is slid into position


Kevin clamps a strongback onto a joint to provide lateral strength during lifting


The crew getting started with the raising; Steve is dealing with an issue where the iron rods in the foundation are mispositioned


Carpenter's level


Four strong backs are required to move a rafter subsection


Continuing to move the rafter subsection, Doug comes to help


Continuing to move the rafter subsection, Doug helps, Jou and Doug watch


The very first frame subsection raised into postion -- the king posts around the front door


A bucket of comealongs


A bucket of tension straps


Lucie and Jim on raising day -- all done


Lunch on raising day


A mallet


A mallet and chisel


Tools lay about on the site


Killer drills


Mike positions a post with a spline


Mike measures something


Mike installs a temporary shim


A minor ridge pole is lowers into position


Mike gets aggressive with the orange mallet


The tenon slides into position in its mortise


Steve and Jim move rafters around


Nancy planes the end of a post


Doug guides a horizontal member into place onto a spline


A large subsection of rafters is lifted by crane and positioned around the chimney opening


Richard and Tom guide the rafters into position


The first ridge pole is moved into position


The first bent is moved into position


A post flies through space


Bits of the timber frame are assembled on the ground before being raised


Setting up the straps and comealong in order to pull together the two bents


Doug coats the end grain of a post with preservative


Raising the final bent


The final bent, a little higher


The final bent now flies through the air


The final bent is lowered into position


The finished frame


A closeup of the raising crew


Another view of the finished frame and crew


The red oak used in our timber frame, just after delivery from Rhode Island


Raw material in the Amstutz shop


Richard attaches a comealong to pull sections of the frame together


Pile of sawdust generated during the raising


Amstutz's heavy-duty sawhorses


Closeup of the scribe work of the left porch post


Scribe work of the left porch post


The front ridge pole is positioned in place


Another view of the front ridge pole being installed


All hands on deck for the second ridge pole


Securing the second bent


The stairwell; no stairs yet, as this is one of the last things to be installed


Steve cleans the debris from a mortise


Monir adjustments are made to a tenon to ensure a proper fit


Steve uses a small tractor to move timbers around his yard and shop


Joe and Steve prepare the rafter subsections that surround the chimney


Steve and Mike oversee the movement of member


Steve and Mike slide the roof truss together


Steve inspects a mortise before fitting together the mating members


The crane ball is moved into position by Steve


Steve uses superhuman strength to casually move a 300 pound post; Kevin looks on in awe


Steve does his thing


Steve positions a brace as a complicated joint comes together


Just before the joint comes together


Steve hands something up to Jim


Steve straps and Kevin clamps -- preparing to move a section of timber frame with the crane


Steve applies straps to a frame section to move with the crane


Straps on frame bits


Timber frame bits in Steve's shop


Braces in Amstutz's shop


Lots of timber frame bits await installation


More timber frame bits


More timber frame bits


The entire Hut frame, sitting in storage awaiting installation


The timber frame is partially built on the ground prior to the raising


The timber frame is partially built on the ground prior to the raising; Lucie sits in the middle


Tommy working during the raising


Taking a break from the action


Working during the raising


A small hand-made toolbox


Signaling the crane operator to lift using non-standard signals


Giant mallets