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Mt. Kenya (Kenya), Chagoria Route (map)

Lucie at the trailhead of the Chagoria Route


Sunrise at the Mintos Hut area


Our super cool 4WD vehicle that took us to the park gate (plus the driver)


Drinking juice boxes so we don't have to carry them (Copyright Lucie Wellner)


Writing in the journal at camp at the start of the approach (Copyright Lucie Wellner)


Our first day on the approach to Mt. Kenya (Copyright Lucie Wellner)


On the hike up to Mintos Hut (Copyright Lucie Wellner)

Our camp at Hall Tarns near Mintos Hut (Copyright Lucie Wellner)


Hanging out in front of the filthy Mintos Hut (Copyright Lucie Wellner)


Filtering water for the day in one of the lakes near Mintos Hut (Copyright Lucie Wellner)


Ready for the next day's hiking (Copyright Lucie Wellner)


Jumping a bog in Temple Fields in a forest of giant groundsel (Copyright Lucie Wellner)


Resting at Tooth Col (Copyright Lucie Wellner)

The beautiful Gorges Valley with Mt. Kenya at the head (Copyright Chris Yenkey)


Lucie pets a soft cactus-like plant (Copyright Chris Yenkey)


Just about at the Mintos Hut on our first day of the approach (Copyright Chris Yenkey)


Finally we can see the summits on the approach (Copyright Chris Yenkey)

Lakes at Hall Tarns near Mintos Hut (Copyright Chris Yenkey)


View from our campsite near Mintos Hut (Copyright Chris Yenkey)


On the endless slog up to the Austrian Hut, Lucie begins to feel sick (Copyright Chris Yenkey)


On the final approach to Austrian Hut (Copyright Chris Yenkey)