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Indian Creek, Bridger Jack Mesa (map)

Thunderbolts: Brian approaches the top of Easter Island


Keyhole Flakes: Closeup of Brian approaching the top of Easter Island


The Bridger Jack Mesa with all the towers labeled


The Bridger Jack Mesa in the early morning


The Bridger Jack Mesa in the early morning


Thunderbolts: Sitting on top of Easter Island after climbing Thunderbolts


Thunderbolts: Climbing the first pitch (5.8) involves fun jamming, followed by an unlikely traverse right around the nose above


The Bridger Jacks as seen from the west


Organizing the rack for the days climbing


Rimshot: Colin poses for the camera on the 4th pitch (5.11a) of Rimshot; he is positioned at the first rest after the tight sandy-hands crack above the belay


Rimshot: More off-width climbing on the 4th pitch


Rimshot: Exiting the chimney at the top of the second pitch; from his position, the climb moves left (climber's right) onto lower-angled slabs up to the belay


Rimshot: The third pitch traverses left in a chimney to an off-width crack in the main face


Rimshot: Getting established in the off-width crack above the chimney on the third pitch


Hanging out at the base of Easter Island


Thunderbolts: Jim's shadow on Sunflower Tower as he raps from Easter Island


Thunderbolts: John tops out on Thunderbolts, a rare face climb at the Creek


Rimshot: A topo showing Rimshot